9 Common Causes of Toothaches

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you keep getting toothaches? There are a variety of factors that can affect the health and sensitivity of your teeth. This article you will help you better identify these root causes so that you can have greater insight into your health and seek the necessary treatments.

Rough brushingDean Salo

You should be changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Using old toothbrushes and brushing your teeth aggressively can result in greater tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Whitening

Using excessively harsh teeth whitening products or getting your teeth whitened too often can dramatically increase the sensitivity of your teeth. Be sure to use an experienced dentist to minimize any risk.

Chewing Ice

Chewing ice is usually just viewed as a bad habit, however, it can have some very negative consequences for your teeth. The continued grinding over time can result in cracked enamel, which leaves your teeth susceptible.

Cold Weather

When the weather gets colder and the cold air blows on your teeth, it can act as a trigger that has your experiencing greater levels of sensitivity.

Tooth Decay

When the germs and bacteria in your mouth are left to their own devices, they eat away at your teeth. If untreated, these cavities can be detrimental to your health. Getting mercury-free fillings are the best way to go to prevent further damage.


Stress has some people grinding down their teeth. This is called bruxism and can be very harmful as it tears down the structural integrity of the tooth, which can lead to headaches and toothaches.

Your Diet

Digesting hard or highly acidic foods can cause harm to your teeth. Juices, citrus fruits, sports drinks, and juices can all contribute to tooth discomfort and sensitivity.

Split Tooth

If you experience discomfort when having your teeth exposed to hot/cold or sensitivity when biting down, then you may have a split tooth. Bonding, crowns, or root canals in serious cases can fix the situation.

Eating Or Digestive Disorders

Patients with acid reflux or bulimia have the surfaces of their teeth worn away from the frequent vomiting and upheavals.

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