Avon39 – The Walk To End Breast Cancer

The Avon 39 mile walk is an event that is very close to all of us at our practice. This year, our team of two walked 39 miles to raise funds in support of the fight against breast cancer.

dean salo

Two of my close friends and colleagues, Samantha Besser and Renata Kruk (pictured above), walked 39.3 miles in a span of 2 days in the Avon39 walk in Santa Barbara, California. They raised about $6,400 for breast cancer research and patient support. I’m so proud to have supported our team and such a great cause!

Avon is an amazing foundation that not only funds research of cancer treatment, but also helps to support those with or at risk of developing breast cancer. The Avon Cancer Crusade developed a community outreach program,Avon Breast Health Outreach Program, that educates communities throughout the United States about early detection of breast cancer.

The Santa Barbara walk alone raises millions of dollars each year. Since the year 2000, more than 44.8 million dollars have been donated to organizations in Southern California. Each participant of the Avon39 walk pledges to raise a minimum of $1,800. Teams consist of breast cancer survivors and supporters of the incredible cause.

Avon39 walks take place year round across the country. Event locations are New York, Houston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Boston. We encourage everyone to support this great foundation by participating or donating to the walk closest to your community.

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