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An alternative to veneers is bonding, which is used to improve the overall appearance of teeth. It can be used as a corrective procedure for teeth that are cracked, misarranged, chipped or discolored.


In order to prepare the tooth for the procedure, the tooth is lightly etched at the surface and bonding liquid is applied. The dentist will apply a plastic resin and will then sculpt the tooth into the shape that is desired by the dentist after the liquid sets. In order to give a natural appearance, the resin is trimmed, smoothed, and polished once it is set.


Only one office visit is necessary in order to complete the bonding procedure; however, because your natural tooth enamel is much stronger than the plastic resin used, there is a higher likelihood of that tooth staining, chipping or breaking compared to natural teeth. On average, bonding should last three to five years before a repair is needed.

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