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Intravenous Sedation is offered to the patients at Deal Salo. This procedure is known as either Dental Intravenous Anesthesia or “Twilight Sedation”.

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Intravenous Sedation, otherwise known as “twilight sleep” is used to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during any dental procedures. Intravenous sedation (“IV sedation”) is intended to better enable you to go through your dental procedures while remaining calm and relaxed. Any potentially uncomfortable procedure will be easily endurable and may even be forgotten. Utilizing IV sedation will help reduce any anxiety you may have about your treatment. You will be comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure, and may drift in and out of a “twilight sleep”.

Dr. Salo will administer and monitor your IV sedation/anesthesia should you decide intravenous sedation is what you want to use. As a result, any costs that would be incurred by using an operating room or visiting a same-day surgical facility will be eliminated.


Medication will be administered through an IV, which is started in your arm or hand, to help you feel at ease. Many patients slip in and out of sleep, whereas others fall asleep completely. You may be lightly sedated if you have any pre-existing medical conditions and/or are currently on a specific drug regimen. In turn, you may not fall asleep at all.

We use IV sedation in order to complete the treatment with as little medication as possible. Through the intravenous tube, there will be a constant “drip”. An antidote can be administered at any time in order to reverse any effects of the medicine if it is necessary; however, the overall process of IV sedation is very safe.

IV sedation is not the only sedation we have available in our office. Nitrous oxide analgesia and oral sedation are also available. In short, we have the ability to tailor the anesthesia to whatever you desire. Dr. Salo will administer and monitor all procedures in our office. Well-respected dental anesthesiologist, Dr. Andy Chen, is also available to assist Dr. Salo in any lengthy procedures, or patients that have a complex medical history or insist on a deeper sedative. Dr. Chen and Dr. Salo have worked side by side for nearly the past decade.  These two are committed to creating a relaxing and safe dental sedation experience for every patient.

Sedation dentistry also works well for the elderly or those who are disabled or simply fearful.



We recognize that many are forced to deal with dental phobia. People may have anxiety when thinking about the dentist due to negative past visits, fear of drills and needs, or severe gag reflexes.

You no longer need to worry about suffering from dental phobia. We are committed to understanding the nature of your fears here at Dr. Salo’s office. IV sedation can help you experience dentistry in a way you never have before. While we treat you with delicacy and care, you will be having a pleasant sleeplike experience. Dr. Salo will work his hardest to make sure you leave with your desired results.


Our health becomes even more important the older we get. Tooth and bone loss may occur from periodontal disease, which in turn can negatively impact our day-to-day lives. Our teeth and gums are a necessity in order to live full and active lives. Dr. Salo is dedicated to helping treat elderly patients while prioritizing their health and comfort.

It is not uncommon for elderly patients to avoid dental visits because of anxiety about treatment, more pressing medical concerns, the difficulty of transportation, or fixed incomes. However, these factors combined could lead to the health reaching an unmanageable point. Patients may then feel embarrassed and more distant from the dentist.

Sedation dentistry is available for elderly patients who are fearful or embarrassed about their current oral state. Dr. Salo is able to treat these conditions all while the patient is calm and unaware until waking up to an improved oral state.


Proper dental care may be even harder to obtain for those with disabilities. At Dr. Salo’s office, we can provide services from a dentist with the proper expertise. Other dentists may not be qualified to utilize our state-of-the-art-equipment. We are committed to assisting special-needs patients and are focused on guaranteeing great oral care for our patients.

Disabled patients may find an added challenge in maintaining oral health. Brushing or flossing regularly may be difficult, and certain medications may also cause dry mouth or severe gag reflex. Dr. Salo meets these challenges for the disabled with sedation dentistry. The skill and knowledge he has for special-needs patients can help alleviate any fear related to out-of-control oral hygiene in just one visit.