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For those who are suffering from tooth injury, disease or decay, TeethXpress may be right for you. TeethXpress is an alternative for individuals who are struggling with loose dentures.

TeethXpress is also a viable solution for patients who have lost all teeth in both jaws. If you are in the process of or have already lost a majority of your teeth, please click here for a consultation to see if TeethXpress is a viable long-term solution for you!

Fix Denture Problems Teethxpress

  • Problems chewing certain foods
  • Problems with speaking, embarrassing clicks, and whistling
  • Irritation of the gums and mouth
  • Infections

Tired Of Dealing With Dentures That Don’t Fit?

Failing teeth is a problem that afflicts millions of people around the world. Individuals who use dentures often report ill-fitting dentures. Poorly fitted dentures cause individuals discomfort, embarrassment and in severe cases, infection.


The Solution

TeethXpress is a long-term replacement for dentures. TeethXpress involves implanting 4 – 6 metal posts into a patient’s jaw. Dentures are then fastened to the posts using prosthetic screws. TeethXpress can usually be completed in a day. Additionally, most TeethXpress procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Patients dentures are utilized during the procedure. For individuals who do not own dentures, dentists will create a new pair of dentures prior to the procedure.


Upon completion, jaw discomfort is common. Your doctor will also prescribe your pain relievers as they see fit. A soft diet is highly recommended during the healing processes following the procedure. Additionally, you will be prescribed a medicated mouthwash. Once the initial healing process is completed ( usually about 2 weeks) you will be instructed to use a Waterpik to clean your new teeth. It is recommended to follow-up with your dentist to ensure the healing process has gone smoothly.

Is TeethXpress Right For me?

Teeth are different from case to case so it is crucial that a professional clinician examines your particular situation to see if TeethXpress is the best solution. Please contact us for a consultation if you are interested in TeethXpress.